Round Treefern Pots

Picture of Round Treefern Pots
Round Treefern pots handcarved by Mayan Indians.

$4.50 (USD)

Treefern Balls

Picture of Treefern Balls
Handcarved by Mayan Indians.

$9.50 (USD)

Treefern Boards

Picture of Treefern Boards
Treefern Boards hand carved by Mayan Indians.

From $13.00 (USD)

Treefern Monkeys

Picture of Treefern Monkeys
Slabs of Treefern handcarved by Mayan Indians into the shape of Monkeys.

$5.25 (USD)

Treefern Slabs

Picture of Treefern Slabs
Treefern slabs handcarved by Mayan Indians.

From $3.75 (USD)

Treefern Totem Poles

Picture of Treefern Totem Poles
A totem pole carved from treefern fiber.

From $5.80 (USD)